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May 8, 2011

To have a Sunday morning to clean my room top to bottom.

For parents who have not only given one of my best friends a place to stay for a few weeks, but have made her part of the family. And for a friend who is giving my parents a wonderful education about Cornel West and Paul Farmer over dinner and baseball games.

To be incredibly busy; it means I have employment, direction, and purpose.

For the recycled shoes, silverware, spatulas and skillets that friends have given me to ease the financial strain of moving into a new home.

To find myself in a deepening community of friends, Cambodian and foreign, in Battambang, who keep me growing and laughing.

That I get to be a part of this beautiful family.


A friend recently asked me what it is exactly that makes me so happy here. I wasn’t sure how to respond; he laughed when I said “I just love my life right now.” I pushed into the question though, and I think that as a foreigner trying to make a life in Battambang, I’m constantly aware of being a guest here. So every smile, conversation and friendship is a renewed welcome, an extended invitation to find myself at home.

And in the midst of all of it, I get phone calls, emails, video chats, postcards, and more visitors than I ever expected from the US, reminding me that I have another home there as well.

Be well everyone!

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  1. alison permalink
    May 9, 2011 11:45 am

    Love you. 🙂

  2. lisbee permalink
    May 11, 2011 10:37 pm

    ahhh your life is just exploding with beautiful families. Thanks for sharing the love 🙂

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