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“Disappointed, down, despondent”

August 18, 2010

Perhaps most galling to many Democratic activists, the party’s leaders often seem more concerned about pandering to their critics on the right than looking after their devoted supporters. How else, many ask, could you explain the government’s unseemly haste to dismiss Shirley Sherrod, a civil servant falsely accused of racism by a right-wing blogger? Why else would it take so long for legislation to allow gay soldiers to serve openly in the army to limp through Congress?

This basically sums it up for me. The same article has a slew of statistics that sums up how unenthused Democrats are for the upcoming elections. Yeah, that’s me too. Even knowing that apathy and avoidance are choices of privilege, I can hardly bring myself to read the news about U.S. politics right now – it’s too disheartening at this point.

Try explaining to your local Cambodian colleagues why you’re in a bad mood after reading about the outcome of the Republican primary in South Carolina, and you’ll stop reading U.S. news too.

Any glimmers of hope out there? I’d love someone to prove me wrong!


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