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2009 was… a whirlwind.

December 16, 2009

New Year’s Bowl Game and tailgate in Nashville.

Road trip to Atlanta.

Cupcake fundraiser for El Salvador.

Road trip to DC.

OBAMA inauguration.

Weekly book club with other seniors and John, our Lynch School Dean.

Sister Rosemary’s talk at BC.

Vagina Monologues, starring so many women that I love.

El Salvador: Christian Base Communities, El Mozote, Romero’s tomb, site of the churchwomen’s death, Universidad de Centro America, meeting with Dean Brackley, speaking with representatives from ARENA and FMLN, homestays in El Ocotillo.

My grandmother’s 80th birthday, on Easter Sunday.

Marathon Monday.

A weekend in French Press with my mom, sorting, signing and mailing support letters to friends and family: $18,000 raised for the Romero Center.


Senior week: dances, parties, coffee dates, walks around the reservoir, commencement ball, swimming in the fountain, and virtually no sleep.


Seattle with my roommates: on a boat, at a cabin, in the city, laughter, fun, a few tears, and some tough goodbyes.

Nannying: in the Hamptons (!!?!), in Wellesley, lots of fun, but swearing I won’t have kids for at least ten years.

A week in New Hampshire with my family, swimming in the lake, sailing with my brother, food from the farmer’s markets, and relishing those last few moments.

Going-away party.

Very, very tearful goodbye in Logan Airport.

3 days of flying, 4 hours on the bus: Boston to Battambang. Hugs, laughter, tears.

Move to Phnom Penh: studying, meeting with NGOs.

Way too much diarrhea.

Weekends in Banteay Prieb.

Two days in Sihanoukville.

Making some awesome friends.

Hiring an amazing woman to work with me!

Our first workshop in Cambodia, taught in Khmer.

Finish my Grade 1 Khmer textbook.

Moving to Battambang!

…So yeah, I think whirlwind kind of sums it up. Flipping through my planner to make this list brought me so much joy and gratitude for all of you who have been a part of this amazing year. I’m sending love to all of you, near and far!

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  1. Lauren permalink
    December 19, 2009 7:28 pm

    kind of amazing what you’ve done in a year 🙂 hope your move went well!!

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