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Wednesday Poetry: Songs from the UCA

November 17, 2009

El pueblo siempre recuerda y jamás podrá olvidar
El crimen que cometieron los que no quieren la paz.
Los seis jesuitas murieron por orden de un criminal.
. . .
Desaparecen los cuerpos pero sus ideas no.

The people always remember and never will be able to forget
The crime committed by those who do not want peace.
The six Jesuits died by order of a criminal.
. . .
Their bodies are gone, but their ideas remain.


Cambiemos las promesas
En realidades.
Luchemos como hermanos
Por la justicia.
Sembremos hoy la aurora
De un nuevo dia.

. . .

We transform the promises
Into realities.
We struggle together as brothers and sisters
For justice.
We make possible today the dawn
Of a new day.


These are songs that were sung this week at the vigil for the martyrs of the UCA.

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