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Hello from Battambang!

September 7, 2009

It´s been ages since I posted, but now I´m writing from Cambodia. Right now, I´m sitting on my porch, listening to the rain and preparing a song to teach in Tahen village this afternoon. My trip here was easy, but just so long. I left Boston at 4pm on Wednesday and arrived here on Friday at 6pm. I´ve adjusted to the time difference pretty well, but the transition has been made more difficult since this is a week of holidays in Cambodia. Every morning the monks begin their chants and music at 4 am, projecting them over loudspeakers to the whole community so that everyone can hear. My house is within hearing range of three or four, so I wake each morning to several pagodas´music and pull my pillow over my head as I try to sleep at least until the sun rises.

I have come back to Battambang at the quietest time of year. Since it is holidays now, most of the children have gone home to their families for a month. Everyone is very relaxed and there is not too much work, so it has been a wonderful time to arrive and see my friends. My Khmer is coming back quickly, ánd I feel almost greedy for how much I want to learn the language. I am so glad I will have a few months to devote to studying.

I promise another update soon, but for now I wanted to tell you that I am safe and happy here! Love from Kampuchea.

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