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My life is still a joke

June 4, 2009

“I wish my life was as funny as your email updates.” 


“Basically, when I read the newspaper or turn on CNN, I want them to be quoting your blog about feminism. And I want it to be funny. And I want you to quote Thomas Merton or Dorothy Day or Elizabeth Johnson.”


“Meg, you should make your own blog so you stop bugging all of us to write on the group blog.”

-Arrupe El Salvador 2009


Hi friends, family, and secret admirers,

Graduation has come and gone, fundraising for next year is going great, and I’m getting ready to leave for Cambodia in less than three months!

As I thought about how I wanted to keep in touch with all of you for the next two years that I am living abroad, I considered keeping my emails going, thanks to popular support for continued updates on how my life is, in fact, a joke. But since I will be gone for so long, I hope that I will be able to send home more than just funny stories, and I’d like the freedom to share my experiences and analysis as frequently (or infrequently) as I have time and motivation to write. With this in mind, I created a blog at

Don’t worry, the ridiculous aspects of my life will still be in there*, but they’ll be stuck between thoughts about the news (like the recent article on Consecrated Virgins in the Boston Globe magazine), stories from Cambodia, and broader trends in feminist theory and feminist theology, especially as they relate to my life in Battambang. I’ll keep you informed about the progress of my work at the Romero Center and the Women’s Health Initiative too, but more formal updates about that work will be posted at, a site primarily for donors. 

So if you want to stay updated on my life in Battambang, add me to your RSS Feed, bookmark my site, or make it your home page. I’ll still send emails every once in awhile, but Planning the Day will be my primary mode of communication over the next two years.




*Luke “I don’t know my own strength” Battle recently tossed me over his shoulder and threw me in the kitchen sink. He suggested that I go on a diet, since my weight was obviously to blame for the fact that the plastic faucet snapped in two after I landed on it.

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